Prototyping We can provide clients medical devices built to customized specifications, otherwise unobtainable from existing providers. By gathering parameters from the client, we draft a digital design and fabricate for initial prototyping. From a functional prototype, the client may request changes to implement to the design. Through this process we can provide a refined final product that is perfect for the client’s specific needs. We provide our clients with digital access to designs, so they may produce the product themselves as needed without shipping delays. However, clients that choose to utilize us for production will have access to FDA and standard materials.


3D-printed denture

In order to ease the process of getting all the right impressions and dimensions for dentures, we developed All-In-One Dentures trays. We call these trays "All-In-One" because all the patient measurements are done in one visit, reducing the patients visits from 5 to 2. During the first visit a custom tray is formed, during which the All-In-One tray takes the vertical dimension and centric bite. In the second visit, the patient can either test a try-in denture or receive a final model.