Digital Impressions

  1. Fill out Lab Form.
  2. Send Digital files to e-mail via BioBigBox.
  3. Instructions for BioBigBox are found below.

PVS Impressions

  1. Fill out Lab Form.
  2. Ship Impressions and Lab Form.


Placing a Order

  1. Contact Lab.

  2. Take Impressions.

  3. Print Prescription and Shade Photos.

  4. Fill out Lab Form.

  5. Ship Lab Case (Or schedule pickup).

Same day* orders must be placed by 1 pm.

We stand by the quality of our product and offer a 50% discount to first time customers.

Digital File Transfer

1. Putting the patient information into a ZIP archive:

First, find the folder on your computer with the patient files.(Instructions on getting these files can be found below) Next, right click the folder and select the menu option "Send to: Compressed (zip) folder". Rename the new compressed folder to "Purpose_Dentist_Date", for example, "Bite_Splint_STL_Dr_Johnson_07_22_2017".

2) Making a BioBigBox account:

Click on the Register link at the top of Input all of your information, and in particular input an email address you can easily access. BioBigBox will confirm your account by sending you an email. Login to your email service and confirm your BioBigBox account as soon as you receive this email.

3) Transferring files through the BioBigBox interface:

Go to Input your email address in the form on the front page, in the "Your email:" field. Input our email address, "desertroselabs at gmail dot com" in "Share with:" field. Write out in the "Message" box the purpose, dentist and current date, for example "Bite splint STL file for DR Johnson on 07-22-2017". Click the "Select File(s)" button and using the file system interface, select the compressed folder from step 1). BioBigBox won't send us any of your files without your permission and double-checks the transmission in an email to your address. Login to your email account and confirm that the file should be sent.

Lab Products:

Demonstration board

Exporting DICOM Files using Sidexis XG

How to Export DICOM files from Sidexis XG